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Rabia Fatima

Meet Your Wedding Photographer 

There's no perfect way to describe the feeling of catching the most picturesque moments, it's a high I'll never stop chasing. From fashion shoots to bridal showers, I've had the opportunity to click all sorts of images but I truly found my calling when I booked my first wedding shoot. There's nothing quite like the decor, the details, the magic!

Having embarked on this journey since 2010, I have spent over a decade working with couples from various backgrounds who have each offered breathtaking glimpses into their big day, helping shape my passion for this art. Each of these moments have refined my path as a photographer, teaching me how to seize the sparkle in every first look, the bittersweetness in every parent's tear, the nuptial bliss in every bride's smile, and the abounding love in every groom's heart. Capturing the raw emotions that come alive from the magic of weddings is something I never get enough of!

But beyond the moments I can see through the lens, my mission is to be there in any way you need me. I'll hold your veil, help you up the steps, fix your lipstick, grab you some tissues, whatever you need - not just for your event, I am there for you and will do everything in my power to make sure the best sides of you get the spotlight. 

Let's see what kind of moments we capture with you in focus!

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